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Join the fun at the What A Girl Wants Expo!

What A Girl Wants Expo is an event featuring all things of interest to women – jewelry, hair and nail salons, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, sports, children’s products, health and fitness products and systems, food and cooking, cars, self defense products, self-improvement, home businesses, and so much more!

Our Spring expo happens just after the long winter and provides a place to gather and get out of the still slightly chilly weather. (No more cabin fever here!) And shop for yourself from the new trends of the year.
Our fall expo occurs just in time to start your holiday shopping, and you’ll see lots of unique items that you won’t find at the malls or traditional shopping outlets.

Each event offers a unique experience with a mix of both wares from new vendors and your favorite reoccurring vendors.

How to come prepared:

  • Wear comfortable shoes; your will be doing a lot of walking
  • Plan on being there awhile: don’t rush (ask questions & engage)
  • Bring your friends, most expos are much more fun that way
  • Research ahead of time and know what vendors will be there this time and which ones you know you want to buy from (Budget how much you want to spend)
  • Be sure and check out any vendors you didn’t get to last time as well as the new vendors you haven’t heard of; even if you don’t think you want or need their service or wares at this time, you may or a friend may in the near future so know how to get back in touch with them.
  • Bring plenty of water and some money buying lunch. (Remember some vendors offer food samples)
  • Bring contact info stickers for the drawings; also keep in mind that most of these are for follow-up later so only register for what you really have an interest in, either now or later.
  • Schedule some time after the show to check out the SWAG bag and any materials the vendors give you
  • For more tips & up-to-date information visit our Facebook page:


10:00am- 4:00pm
Farmington, NM


10:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday, Nov 14th, 2015
At La Plata County Fairgrounds in Durango, CO

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